Guide to Domestic Flights to Canberra Airport From Within Australia

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Canberra, the heart of Australia, is well-connected by air with various cities across the country. This guide will give you an overview of the airlines, typical flight numbers, and estimated flight times for domestic routes to Canberra Airport.

Airlines and Routes to Canberra Airport

  1. Qantas Airways
    • Sydney to Canberra (e.g., QF1420)
    • Melbourne to Canberra (e.g., QF812)
    • Brisbane to Canberra (e.g., QF1554)
    • Adelaide to Canberra (e.g., QF724)
    • Perth to Canberra (seasonal flights)
  2. Virgin Australia
    • Sydney to Canberra (e.g., VA660)
    • Melbourne to Canberra (e.g., VA290)
    • Brisbane to Canberra (e.g., VA1204)
    • Gold Coast to Canberra (e.g., VA725)
    • Hobart to Canberra (seasonal flights)
  3. FlyPelican
    • Newcastle to Canberra (e.g., FP888)
    • Dubbo to Canberra (e.g., FP2204)
  4. Alliance Airlines
    • Sunshine Coast to Canberra (e.g., QQ321)
    • Cairns to Canberra (e.g., QQ731)
  5. Regional Express (Rex)
    • Albury to Canberra (e.g., ZL317)
    • Merimbula to Canberra (e.g., ZL139)

Estimated Flight Times and Distances

  • Sydney to Canberra: ~55 minutes, 240 km
  • Melbourne to Canberra: ~1 hour 10 minutes, 470 km
  • Brisbane to Canberra: ~1 hour 55 minutes, 950 km
  • Adelaide to Canberra: ~1 hour 40 minutes, 960 km
  • Perth to Canberra: ~3 hours 45 minutes, 3100 km (seasonal)
  • Other regional routes generally take between 30 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes.

Travel Tips and Insights

  • Peak Travel Periods: Weekdays usually see higher frequency due to business travel.
  • Off-Peak Advantages: Consider traveling during off-peak times for potentially lower fares.
  • Flight Availability: Seasonal routes may only operate at certain times of the year, so plan accordingly.
  • Stay Updated: Flight schedules and availability can change, so always check the latest information with the airlines or on reliable travel websites.

Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, Canberra Airport connects you with numerous cities across Australia. This guide provides a snapshot of the domestic routes available, but for the latest flight information, be sure to check with the airlines or your preferred travel planning resource. Safe travels!

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